Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finishing Mister Pumpkin Head

The final stage of finishing Mister Pumpkin Head.  Well, he did not want to be dressed the way I had him pictured.  I spend a day hand dying silk velvet a beautiful pumpkin color and he said NO WAY, it clashes with my head........soooooooo he is going to have a black velvet jump suit belted with a pumpkin color sash and a black silk ruffle around his neck AND he will have pumpkin color shoes..........

I have drapped fabric on him just to see if this will work and he approves........he has really given me a hard time when it comes to color. 

After taking pictures, I see I need to work on his eyes some more....but I think we just about have this piece conquered..............actually I really love this old guy.

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