Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Fairy

Since I started back making Halloween pieces, I have let my faeries and mermaids sit on the back burner.  Here is a fairy that I have never finished and plan to do so very soon. She is looking down at a baby on a mushroom...... The entire piece is sculpted from puppen fimo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skinny Witch

Here she is all finished and I am very pleased the way she turned out.  I think I will call these pieces "the skinnies".   She is 9.5" tall and the base is 3" long and 1.5" wide.  I painted her with acrylics and then sealed her with a matte varnish. 

Agnes will sale for $95 including shipping and insurance in the U.S. She is for sale at Spooky Time Jingles...  The Skinny Witch has found a new home and is on her way....

WIP of a Skinny Witch

I have been playing in the studio and came up with a "skinny" figure sculpted from Prosculpt.  I still had some Prosculpt which I stopped using several years ago when I started using Puppen Fimo which is more flexible and harder when fired. And at the time I was getting moonies (little white moons in the clay when fired).  For some reason, I did not get the first moonie when sculpting this figure and had forgotten how easy this clay is to blend and hold its shape while sculpting. I am afraid I did not take many pictures while creating this piece...I have got to learn to pick up the camera while working on WIP.
The base is apoxie clay over aluminum foil with some texture pressed into the clay. The wire armature was wrapped with foil and then floral tape so the clay will stick.

And here she is ready to be painted.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pumpkin Candy Container

This Candy Container is a wooden box painted with multiple layers of paint with halloween bats and spiders stamped in black all around it. On top is a Pumpkin Head sculpted from paper clay, painted with acrylics and sealed with matte varnish. She has a little glass glitter on top for sparkle.
I have included with the container a matching ornament also sculpted from paper clay.

The Container is 8" high with a diameter of 4". The ornament is 5" from the top of his head to the bottom of the hanging beads.

These are One of a Kind pieces. The price for both of these pieces is $65.00 which includes shipping and insurance in the United States.  They are for sale on  Go check it out, I also have a Santa Sale on that website.

Works in Progress, WIP

Welcome to my new blog.  This blog will showcase works in progress and figures that are for sale.
Here are some pictures of a work in progress while creating a Pumpkin Candy container and a Pumpkin Head Rabbit, #2 in the series "Pumpkin Heads in Wonderland".

Here is the wire armature wrapped in flora tape for the Pumpkin Head Rabbit

The Rabbit with added paper clay and the pumpkin for the candy container
Waiting to be painted
The Rabbits head and hands sculpted from puppen fimo waiting to be fired.
Here they are in my portable convection oven in the studio
The coat tail was sculpted from apoxie clay and needed support with foil while drying. I then covered it with paper clay to blend in with the rest of the sculpt.  The hands and head have been added to the body.