Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part of WIP

My WIP on this piece has been delayed because I opted to go ahead and have cataract surgery on the right eye. But I did finish the first figure....there will be two more figures marching behind this tiny elf. I think one will be a pumpkin head and one a is called "Holiday March".  The little elf is sculpted from paper clay and overlayed with one layer of a painted kleenex...a techinque I learned from Jean Bernard. I already had some of the tissue that I had painted and pulled away one layer and put it onto the figure with a wet brush and when it dried I put at least three layers of matt varnish over it. His wings are also finished with the tissue.  I also decopauged antique sheet music onto the base.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two New Works in Progress

I want to  do a Christmas angel or is the start: 
Some beautiful wings made by another artist.
Wonderful deep red silk  velvet piece I have been hoarding
A wide strip of dyed silk velvet which I have also been holding for something special
And some beautiful silk green ribbon.

And here is a new Halloween piece.   That little guy in the front of the base is playing a flute and there will be two smaller pumpkin heads following him playing some type of instruments.  All in paper clay and I think I will decoupage the base with some antique sheet music I have been saving.
More later.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Mushroom Forest Holiday People #8

It has been awhile since I added to the series: Mushroom Forest Holiday People or MFHP.....
Here is #8...a quick picture since I did not have time to set up with the tripod.  "Filbert" is a
5" figure sculpted from natural puppen fimo and painted and sealed with acrylics, and he is a Pumpkin Head.  He has
a cloth collar around his neck just to give him that extra zing.  There is a mate for him in
the works...He stands on a wooden cube covered with paper clay and painted and can
be removed for shipping.  If not sold on here, he will be moved to the Queen's Bootique on
the 15th. Filbert sells for $95 including shipping and insurance.