Friday, June 25, 2010

Beware, Music on here

After much discussion on Face Book about music on blogs...I pulled my playlist from my other blog and put it on turn down your volumne if you don't want to hear it......I am keeping it cause I like it.  Thanks for visiting...just wanted to warn you while you are here what is going on.


  1. I personaly LOVE to hear music and this one just meeeeeelts me!!!

  2. Thanks Flora, the more I talk to you, the more I think we have alot in common.......

  3. I'm with Flora...I love the music. I am not on Facebook anymore...don't have time to go there now and I really wasn't liking the privacy stuff.
    Anyway, back to the music...I gather that the general consensus was that most did not like it.
    I have seriously been thinking of adding sons are in the computer business and just kind of shudder when I tell them I want to add music. I'm with you...I really like the music.
    Whew! Got a little carried away..
    Love your latest pieces Bonnie!
    Take care...
    Hugs, Nancy