Sunday, May 8, 2011

Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy

This Forest Fairy is a 9" full body sculpt of Puppen Fimo polymer clay. She has hand made glass eyes and beautiful red mohair for her hair. I dressed her in hand dyed gauze so you could see her beautiful body. Her wings are mixed media sculpted into her back. She has a beautiful glass beaded headdress and a necklace and bracelet of gold.

She stands by the brass rod and tube method on her wood base which has been decorated with hand sculpted mushrooms and ferns, stones, beads and moss.

This sculpture is OOAK designed and hand made by the artist.
She has been sold and flown to her new home.


  1. She is absolutely stunning!!! A beautiful piece of art.

  2. Thank you Nicole for stopping by and commenting on my new fairy....much appreciated!!!!!!!