Monday, June 4, 2012

Cheshire Cat with Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Another Alice in Wonderland piece sculpted from paper clay, painted with acrylics and sealed for longevity. The wood base is decopauged with illustrations by John Tenniel, the original illustrator.
I placed a silk ribbon ruffle around the Cat's neck and a decorated cap on the rabbit's head. The entire piece is approximately 10"High and the base is 2"x4"...

One of a Kind never to be created again.................and on the drawing board is a pink flamingo with Alice riding.

This piece is in my Etsy Shop:


  1. O Bonnie, this is an absolute magical piece :)
    I LOVE that bunny, he's full of character!

    I hope you and all your family is doing well :)

    I'm getting my studio back up and running this week. I cant wait to sink my fingers back into the clay.

    When you see that sweet daughter of yours please give her a hug from me..
    miss you all terribly :(


    1. Hi good to hear from you. Glad you will be creating those wonderful pieces again.
      Linda is very much involved with the Humane Society...

      Group always change and seems to get in the way.
      Take care.