Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WIP of a Skinny Witch

I have been playing in the studio and came up with a "skinny" figure sculpted from Prosculpt.  I still had some Prosculpt which I stopped using several years ago when I started using Puppen Fimo which is more flexible and harder when fired. And at the time I was getting moonies (little white moons in the clay when fired).  For some reason, I did not get the first moonie when sculpting this figure and had forgotten how easy this clay is to blend and hold its shape while sculpting. I am afraid I did not take many pictures while creating this piece...I have got to learn to pick up the camera while working on WIP.
The base is apoxie clay over aluminum foil with some texture pressed into the clay. The wire armature was wrapped with foil and then floral tape so the clay will stick.

And here she is ready to be painted.

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