Friday, February 12, 2010

Works in Progress, WIP

Welcome to my new blog.  This blog will showcase works in progress and figures that are for sale.
Here are some pictures of a work in progress while creating a Pumpkin Candy container and a Pumpkin Head Rabbit, #2 in the series "Pumpkin Heads in Wonderland".

Here is the wire armature wrapped in flora tape for the Pumpkin Head Rabbit

The Rabbit with added paper clay and the pumpkin for the candy container
Waiting to be painted
The Rabbits head and hands sculpted from puppen fimo waiting to be fired.
Here they are in my portable convection oven in the studio
The coat tail was sculpted from apoxie clay and needed support with foil while drying. I then covered it with paper clay to blend in with the rest of the sculpt.  The hands and head have been added to the body.


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  2. How fun to see your "works in progress" photos, Bonnie!! That rabbit is to die for!!!!!!!! (I had to delete my first post - it's always better to spell things correctly!)

  3. Thank you Nancy, I just hope I can remember to take pictures as I work.